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Version 7.0 Build 7001

Released on August 8, 2016

  • Added interface with barcode label printer.   

  • Added interface with wireless handheld scanner

  • New copy function under Update Asset to enable user to copy the details of an asset to a new record

  • New file attachment function to enable user to attach unlimited documents to an asset.

  • New look and feel GUI.

Version 6.2 Build 6202

Released on Oct 31, 2012

  • Fixed Month End Process computation errors on huge numeric amount.   

  • Fixed a minor bug on depreciation schedule report.

Version 6.2 Build 6201

Released on May 31, 2010

  • Added an optional multi-currency function for capturing asset data with original currency and home currency.   

  • Print barcode code39 label.

Version 6.1 Build 6101

Released on March 31, 2010

  • This version is specifically tailored for customers in Vietnam.  

  • Vietnamese characters can be entered into all description fields of all data entry forms.  

  • All standard reports display Vietnamese characters in all description fields.

Version 6.0 Build 6001

Released on October 15, 2009

  • A new Foreign Currency module is added.  User can now print standard reports in different foreign currencies.

  • Expanded the size of Cost Center field to 5 alpha-numeric characters  

Version 5.0 Build 5001

Released on March 1, 2008

  • Assets can now be categorized into classes/groups i.e. Normal, Prepayments, Investment Properties and Minor Assets

  • Most standard reports can now be printed by the above classes/groups

  • Remaining useful life of asset (in months) is captured in selected standard reports

  • All numeric fields have been expanded to take in value up to 999,999,999,999.99

  • A new Physical Inventory module is added.  It includes a function to import file uploaded from barcode scanner and subsequently produces discrepancy reports on the variance found between the physical count records and the asset register

  • Print Report To Excel has been enhanced to give users a seamless interface with Microsoft Excel

  • A new utility Database Scanner is added.  With this, users will be able to view, modify, mass update and even export their asset records to a text file and more....

Fixed Asset Pro 2006 - Version 4.1 Build 4101

Released on February 1, 2007

  • This is a maintenance release basically for fixing bugs found in standard reports.  

  • Optimization of software with the latest compiler to enhance speed, efficiency and robustness of the database system.

  • A new software registration procedure is introduced.

Fixed Asset Pro 2006 - Version 4.0 Build 4001

Released on Dec 25, 2005

  • Upgraded to the latest programming development environment for better efficiency with new look and feel user interface.

  • Enhanced 'Edit Company/Set Preference...' function with new sets of wallpapers and backgrounds.  Users are now able to visually select their favorite background and the change takes effect immediately.

  • When importing data, an additional window added to prompt user whether to overwrite or append to the existing data.

  • Modified 'Edit Depreciation' and 'Edit Capital Allowance' functions. Update of information has been changed to edit-in-place mode.

  • Total revamp on Print Standard Reports routine.  You are now able to direct your output to 4 destinations: Printer, XML, HTML and PDF.  For this reason, archive report function has been discontinued.  However, you will still be able to print and view your archived reports.

  • A new 'Acquired Assets' report has been added to the Standard Reports Menu as requested by many users.

  • A complete new backup and restore function.  Its improved features and flexibility are definitely a welcome change to the end-users.

Fixed Asset Pro 2004 - Version 3.3 Build 3302

Released on Jan 30, 2005

  • Further enhancement on export posting journal function to include disposal journal as well.  The depreciation journal can now be exported by Cost Center, Branch or Account Codes.

  • Performance of Global Update under Window XP has been improved.

Fixed Asset Pro 2004 - Version 3.3 Build 3301

Released on Oct 11, 2004

  • Global Update for resetting depreciation and capital allowance

  • Global Update for computation of historical depreciation and capital allowance.  Instead of performing this one by one, user can now perform global calculation with just one click of mouse button.

  • Added Export Posting Journal for exporting the monthly depreciation journal to a csv (comma separated value) file.

  • Enhanced capital allowance computation; Different methods of CA calculations can now be configured to suit the taxation requirements of a wider range of countries including Carribeans, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

Fixed Asset Pro 2004 - Version 3.2 Build 3201

Released on March 28, 2004

  • Added Equipment Assignment function for the tracking of equipment assigned to employees or other persons.

  • New Capital Expenditures Budget module to monitor the actual spending on purchase of assets against budget amount.

  • Added Depreciation Projection function for users to forecast depreciation into the future years.

  • Fixed the flickering screen problem on Update Asset form.

Fixed Asset Pro 2004 - Version 3.0 Build 3001

Released on September 21, 2003

  • New XP style graphic user interface    
    Enhanced import and export functions

  • New reports for listing of fully depreciated assets or user-specified values of NBV and WDV.

  • New 'Print Reports To Excel' function enables users to print Standard Reports to Microsoft Excel directly.

  • Extended the length of the following fields:  
        Asset Description:     From 50 to 100 characters
        Type field:                  From 3 to 4 alpha-numeric characters
        Category field:           From 3 to 4 alpha-numeric characters
        Cost Center field:       From 3 to 4 alpha-numeric characters 

  • Added new table 'AcqMtd.tps' for asset acquisition method.  It is now possible to define acquisition method and subsequently sort the asset listing accordingly.

  • Added new table 'DispType.tps' for disposal type.  It is now possible to define asset disposal type and subsequently sort the asset disposal listing accordingly.

Fixed Asset Pro 2003 - Version 2.1 Build 2103

Released on June 3, 2003

  • Added Add Value History page to Update Asset routine.  

  • Improved Update Register Balance routine for depreciation and capital allowance.  

  • Fixed minor bugs in Fixed Asset Schedule reports (depreciation and capital allowance). 

  • Re-designed print report routine for better efficiency

  • Changed the look of all browse windows, the list box now appears in white with lines.

  • Optimised Month End Process, Year End Process and Check Data Integrity routines and the performance speed is now substantially improved.

Fixed Asset Pro 2003 - Version 2.1 Build 2102

Released on March 16, 2003

  • Most browse windows are now re-sizable

  • Fixed minor bugs in Month End Process and Change Color Scheme routine

Fixed Asset Pro 2003 - Version 2.1 Build 2101

Released on November 25, 2002

  • New backup and restore routine which is now compatible with Windows 2000/XP

  • A unique report archiving system that allows end users to save printed reports in their originality for future viewing and printing.

  • Save report to text file

  • Modified category data file structure for quick entry in asset update procedure.  When a category code is selected for an asset during the update asset procedure, fields like depreciation method, depreciation rate and accounts codes are automatically filled.

  • Added Wallpaper function in Standard Reports Menu.  End user can now change the background from a list of 12 specially selected wallpapers.

  • Increased the field's length of Type Description and Category Description to 25 alpha-numeric characters

  • New report - Deferred Taxation added

  • Modified Depreciation Schedule reports to include current month depreciation amount.

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