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Fixed Asset Pro 2002 - Version 2.0 Build 2003

Released on September 24, 2002

  • Increased the field's length of Asset No and Account Code to 16 alpha-numeric characters

  • Added Method of Acquisition field to the asset database

  • Added a Tax Category table for the capital allowance schedule reporting

  • Added additional methods of asset disposal

  • Modified the computation of reducing balance method depreciation for the initial year of acquisition.  Previously full year of depreciation was calculated in the acquisition year.  The new method computes depreciation amount based on the actual number of months the asset is "used" in the initial year.

  • Added the following reports:
      1.  Tax Category Listing
      2.  Detailed Capital Allowance Schedule By Tax Category
      3.  Summary Capital Allowance Schedule By Tax Category
      4.  One-Row Fixed Asset Capital Allowance Schedule By Tax Category
      5.  Two-Row Fixed Asset Capital Allowance schedule By Tax Category

Fixed Asset Pro 2002 - Version 2.0 Build 2002

Released on September 9, 2002

  • Modified Repairs & Maintenance database to accommodate Repair Type field.  All related forms, browse windows and reports are modified accordingly.

  • Added a new utility to enable user to reset activity log via the Start menu when encountering the "Login failure. Your User ID is currently in use!" problem.

Fixed Asset Pro 2002 - Version 2.0 Build 2001

Released on August 27, 2002

  • Complete revamp of standard reports interface.  More user friendly and reports are printed with faster speed.  

  • The new standard reports interface also eliminates the problems faced by some users when printing reports from the workstations.

  • The Add Value function now takes in negative amount.

  • Capital allowances can now be calculated based on either straight line or reducing balance method. 

Fixed Asset Pro 2002 - Version 1.9 Build 1903

Released on July 7, 2002

  • Fixed minor bugs on report printing and modified the outlook of some of the pre-defined reports.

Fixed Asset Pro 2002 - Version 1.9 Build 1902

Released on May 1, 2002

  • Fixed bugs on capital allowance computation during the Month End Process.

Fixed Asset Pro 2002 - Version 1.9 Build 1901

Released on April 7, 2002

  • Added new feature on asset transfer.  The system can now  handle transfer of asset from one location to another and keeping track of transfer history.

  • Added new report definition for printing of asset location transfer analysis report.

Fixed Asset Pro 2002 - Version 1.8 Build 1803

Released on February 28, 2002

  • Redesigned Fixed Asset Schedule (Capital Allowance) report to speed up printing time.

Fixed Asset Pro 2002 - Version 1.8 Build 1802

Released on February 2, 2002

  • Added Color Setting function in Edit Company/Set Preference.  This function allows user to customize the various types of screens from a set of pre-defined color schemes.  Users can now do away with the 'gray standard' of window programs and select their favorite color preference to make the program looks 'prettier'.  There are different screen types used by the program and user can apply one set of settings to Browse screens, Form screens, Window screens and wallpaper.  

  • Added a new report under Fixed Asset Schedule (Report -> Analysis Report -> Fixed Asset Schedule) for detailed listing of fixed asset with initial and annual allowances and accummulated capital allowances.

Fixed Asset Pro 2002 - Version 1.8 Build 1801

Released on January 10, 2002

  • Added Software Organizer for keeping track of software licenses and registration.  Detailed information on software is now available to user in just a few keystrokes away on screen as well as printed reports.

  • Added a small utility for resetting network counter.  This feature can be accessed from Start -> Programs -> Fixed Asset Pro 2002 -> Network Counter Reset.  Previously, users are advised to keep a backup copy of file 'assetpro.reg' handy in order to replace the corrupted registration file due to system crash or exiting program prematurely.  

  • To cater for large conglomerate that requires mutiple company setup, Corporate Edition is now introduced.  In addition to all features available in Enterprise Edition, this edition comes with a 15-user license and unlimited multi-company setup.

Fixed Asset Pro 2002 - Version 1.7 Build 1702

Released on January 01, 2002

  • Improved backup and restore utility to provide more flexibility in backing up and restoring data. 

  • Modified report specification to include company name at the footer of each report.

  • Modified Edit Company / Set Preference routine to allow user to enter Sub-Company Details (for Corporate Edition only).  In addition, a new button (Edit Runtime.ini File) is added for user to modify the .ini file in relation to company name.

Fixed Asset Pro 2002 - Version 1.7 Build 1701

Released on November 25, 2001

  • Introduction of digital image handling.  Users are now able to store, view and print digital images of asset.

  • Automatic conversion of data files from older versions.  When user runs the new version for the first time, the program checks the data files and begins the converson process if these files are older than the current dictionary.

  • Added a "Change Master Level Attribute" button on Change Master Password form.  User with master password can now change the attributes of Accessibility.  This is useful during upgrading of software.  Master password holder can now set the accessibility of new menu items added.

  • Fixed minor bugs on several report definitions.

Fixed Asset Pro 2002 - Version 1.6 Build 1601

Released on October 25, 2001

  • New look on GUI design on all windows and forms

  • Added Edit Company/Set Preference function to allow user to edit the company's information and to select the desired date and telephone formats.  

  • Added Query By Example in the Inquiry pulldown menu

  • New online help

  • Limit user logon.  A single user is not allowed to login concurrently from this release onwards.

  • Add new window for user with Master password to view the active users logons.

  • Track users' activities and provide audit trails for all system usage by users.

  • New report on users logon history.

  • New fields added:
        a)  PO/VP : 9 alpha-numeric characters
        b)  Index Code : 9 alpha-numeric characters
            c)  Sub Object : 5 alpha-mumeric characters

  • The following fields are lengthened:
         a)  Location : 6 alpha-numeric characters
        b)  Branch   : 6 alpha-numeric characters
        c)  Vendor No: 9 alpha-numeric characters
        d)  Asset Desc : lengthened to 50 alpha-numeric characters

  • The following print report menus have been modified to add in additional reports sorted by Index Code and Sub Object:
        a) Print Asset Listing Report
        b) Print Asset Register
        c) Print Asset Tag
        d) Print Depreciation Schedule
        e) Print Capital Allowance Schedule
        f) Print Insurance Report

Fixed Asset Pro 2001 - Version 1.5 Build 1508

Released on August 3, 2001

  • Print report interface totally revamped.  Instead of entering the runtime variables manually, user may now click the side button to display a list for selection at the respective entry field.

  • Remove backup data and restore data functions from within the program.  These functions are now available from the Start menu through Start -> Programs -> Fixed Asset Pro 2001 -> Backup & Restore, assuming Fixed Asset Pro 2001 is the directory where the software is installed.

Fixed Asset Pro 2001 - Version 1.5 Build 1507

Released on July 3, 2001

  • Fixed bug on Year End Processing.  Status of disposed assets will be changed to 'C' or 'Closed' after the year end processing.

  • Rectified format problem for record counters (records processed) for both Month End Processing and Year End Processing windows.  

  • Add a feature to display the Last Year End date automatically when the field is selected in the Month End Processing window.

  • Fixed a minor bug on Fixed Asset Schedule report.

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