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Fixed Asset Pro is a full-featured asset management software that has been specifically designed to assist companies of all sizes to safeguard and manage their assets in an optimal manner. It provides end-users with intuitive interface, ease of use and minimum learning process. Designed to cater for a wide range of business, the program provides a comprehensive asset tracking and management control system. It eliminates the time and effort normally associated with this task and reduces potential financial loss resulting from administrative challenges arise from the inadequate conventional record keeping system.  Our users have testified that the software has a favourable impact on the productivity of their companies by keeping track of the location, quantity, condition, maintenance, accounting and also theft prevention.


As the needs and requirements differ from SMEs to multi-national conglomerates, the software comes in three editions: Standard Edition offers a robust asset management system at an economical price specifically designed for small organizations; For big companies that manages hundreds of thousands of assets under a network environment, Professional Edition comes with access security control with multi-user capabilities plus import/export of data and enhanced report generator; For professional firms or conglomerates that require to maintain records for multiple companies, Enterprise Edition is specifically designed for this purpose. This edition is packed with a 10-user license and the capability of setting up unlimited number of companies.



The software supports the entire asset accounting lifecycle, encompassing deprecition processing and forecasting, monitoring capital expenditure and physical auditing. It improves and simplifies compliance, forecasting, imposes financial control and fully integrate with other vital management tools.


Tracking of assets has never been easier with the incorporation of barcode technology. The physical audits can be carried out by wireless barcode scanner and subsequently connected to a computer or network via wifi and download the information it scanned to fixed asset pro. 



Easy data conversion from your existing system. Be it a spreadsheet or other asset management software so long as the data can be exported to a text, comma separted value (csv) or spreadsheet file..


More than 200 pre-built reports including assets by division and category, fixed asset schedule, barcode asset tag, depreciation and capital allowance reports and etc. Reports can be printed in different sorting sequence and print to PDF, EXCEL, HTML and XML formats.


This tool enables you to create ad hoc yet sophisticated reports from your data files faster than you ever thought possible. This revolutionary development environment will dramatically increase your productivity. You can use practically any existing database effortlessly. 


Powerful password access control module fully customizable by users. It ensures information security with defined security levels within an organization.  It tracks users' activities and provide complete audit trails for all system usage by users.


The benefit of exporting and importing data in fixed asset pro provides user with the capabilty of transferring tables/data between formats. Data import function is especially useful during the initial setup where the existing records maintained in spreadsheet or other formats can be easily uploaded to the system.

Keeping track of the approved capital expenditure budget.  It provides user with tool to manage his capital expenditure spending more efficiently. Depreciation for the next twelve months can be generated to enable management in its budget preparation.


Multi-currency function enables user to capture asset purchase in original currency and home currency. Asset analysis reprots can also be printed in different currencies. This module is optional and can be turned off if not required.


Assignment of assets to custodians and maintain complete history of custodianship of assets as well as custodians. Ensuring effective administration and maintenance of the property accountability and control system

Global update enables user to compute historical depreciation or capital allowance.  This is especially useful during initial setup where users do not maintain accurate depreciation records. It also comes in handy when disaster strikes to reconstruct the asset database.

  • Software organizer

  • Maintenance schedule

  • Backup & restore utility

  • Store asset image

  • Asset tags

  • Depreciation & captial allowance

  • and others....

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