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Barcode is a fundamentally simple technology. Combined with data-collection technology, barcodes provide a rapid, accurate, and efficient means to collect, process, transmit, record, and manage data in a variety of industries. Retail, package delivery, warehousing and distribution, manufacturing, healthcare, asset management, and point-of-service applications can all benefit from the use of bar codes. In today's business environment, staying competitive is critical to your success. Barcode data-collection technology is an effective way to improve the bottom line and meet the competitive challenges your organization faces every day. With only some basic printing equipment and a readily available barcode scanner, businesses can use barcode technology to improve accuracy, speed and efficiency without significant expense.


Barcode techonology is now incorporated in Fixed Asset Pro.  The printing of barcode label is reduced to just a few clicks with wide variety of format to be chosen at runtime. Barcode label can be printed by normal laser printer on sticky label or dedicated barcode label printer on thermal paper.  With the use of a wireless handheld barcode scanner, conducting physial audits/inventory has never been easier.  Information collected from scanner can be uploaded to PC or notebook wirelessly and subsequently integrated into the software for processing.  Finally, a discrepancy report highlighting the differences between the system and the physical existence is generated.

Our aim is to provide affordable solution to all our users from the smallest standalone company to the big conglomerate.  For this reason, barcode interface is made available to all editions. 



Mini Wireless Barcode Scanner With Screen and Memory (OCBS-D005)

  • 433Mhz or bluetooth communication

  • Small size convenient and portable

  • Wireless working distance can meet general request, 30 to 300 m in open area

  • 4M memory can store 100,000 bar codes

  • Instantly store and bulk transfer mode, secure to keep the data

  • Auto-turn-off at low voltage, high efficiency and energy saving

  • No need special application software, easy and comfortable operation


Argox Compact Barcode Label Printer CP-2140

  • Printing Method:Direct Thermal&Thermal Transfer

  • Printing Resolution:203dpi

  • Printing Speed:2~4ips

  • Printing Length:max 100''(2540mm) / min 0.2''(5mm)

  • Printing Width:max 4.1''(104mm)

  • Memory:8MB DRAM (5MB user available) / 4MB Flash ROM (2MB user available)

  • CPU Type:32 bit RISC microprocessor

  • Media:-Max Width:4.3''(110mm)

  • Min Width:1''(25.4mm)

  • Thickness:0.0025''~0.01''(0.0635~0.254mm)

  • Max Roll Capacity(OD):5''(127mm) / Core Size:1''(25.4mm)

  • Optional:Max Roll Capacity(OD):4.5(114.3mm) / Core Size:0.5(12.7mm)

OCOM Direct Thermal / Thermal Transfer Bar Code Label Printer

  • 200 Mhz 32-Bit RISC Processor

  • With 8 MB SDRAM, 4 MB Flash Memory

  • Dual-Motor Gear Driven Design

  • 127 Mm (5”) Inches Per Second Print Speed

  • 300 Meter (984’) Ribbon Supply On a 25.4 Mm (1”) Core

  • Print Mechanism For Kiosk Application

  • TSPL-EZ™ Firmware Emulates TPLE And TPLZ Languages Support

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