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Today, where the database sizes are growing speedily, the system performance expectations are growing equally rapidly. Keep in mind, no matter how efficient the hardware and the processors are, sound system architecture which can make optimal use of it is equally important.  Scalability is the ability of a system to grow in its capacity to meet the rising demand for its services offered. System scalability criteria could include the ability to accommodate increasing number of users and the ever growing database. 


As the needs and requirements differ from SMEs to multi-national conglomerates, the software comes in three editions: Standard Edition offers a robust asset management system at an affordable price specifically designed for small organizations; For big companies that manages hundreds of thousands of assets under a network environment, Professional Edition comes with access security control with multi-user capabilities plus import/export of data and enhanced report generator; For professional firms or conglomerates that require to maintain records for multiple companies, Enterprise Edition is specifically designed for this purpose. This edition is packed with a 10-user license and the capability of setting up unlimited number of companies.



A stand alone, single-user system specifically designed for small businesses requiring an automated system to manage their assets, the Standard Edition is an ideal system to start with.  For a small amount of investment, you can be rest assured that all your assets are accounted for, risks of potential losses are minimized and your company's interest is safeguarded. And, as your company grows you can easily upgrade to the Professional or Enterprise Edition and take advantage of its useful security features and other enhancements, plus expansion to a network environment.


Designed for large, complex organizations with high volume of assets. The Professional Edition provides unlimited flexibility to meet the needs of today's dynamic IT based companies. It works under multi-user network environment and comes with a flexible and customizable password access control system. This gives top management the capability of defining how each user within their organization will utilize the program. The import and export features enable user to share data between organizations or common application packages. To create ad hoc reports, the integrated Report Generator provides users with unlimited flexibility to create custom reports "on the fly" and save them for future use. 


Designed for large conglomerate with a need to maintain asset records separately under different companies within the group. In addition to all the features of Professional Edition, this version comes with a 10-user license and unlimited multi-company set up in the server. Database for each company is kept separately under different folders as set up by end user during the installation stage. 


One of the most powerful reporting tools on the market! You can now create sophisticated reports from your data files faster than you ever thought possible. This revolutionary development environment will dramatically increase your productivity. You can use practically any existing database effortlessly and design reports in a WYSIWYG formatter. Just do the tutorials included in the package and you'll be creating reports like a wizard.

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