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A Premier Asset Tracking & Management System

Do you know what you own? Where your assets are? What are the conditions of your assets and their worth? More often than not, organizations have trouble keeping track of their assets.  Failure to keep good records can substantially affect the organization's financial position, decrease productivity resulting from additional manpower required to locate the asset's whereabouts and its related information.  


Another aspect of maintaining a sound asset managment system is the compliance to the International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS).  The board of directors has a legal responsibility to the shareholders to ensure all the assets of the company are safeguarded and the interests of the shareholders are not jeapordized in anyway.

For companies that use Excel to manage their assets, the bad news is Excel in its fundamental form was designed as a analytical tool for specific purposes.  It has too many shortcomings and limitations when come to asset management:  You will not be able to have a real-time view of your assets and their status; You cannot attach photos, documents and other attachements; You will not be able to take advantage of barcode technology for asset tagging and physical inventory; There is no accountability in terms of users tracking, data security and etc. The good news is, we have an affordable solution for you.  Our team would even assist you to migrate your asset spreadsheet directly to the software without having to enter the data all over again......   

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